Mark Leveridge - Magicseen
This excellently researched and written book is a fitting tribute to one of the UK's most respected and revered performers. Alan Shaxon's legacy, as reflected in this book, is of someone who never fell out of love with magic throughout his whole life and who had an uncanny ability to take magic effects and make them both commercial and practical. The vast array of routines collected together here show what a wide range of performing talent and interest Alan had, and the chapters detailing his long magical life are a fascinating record of a man who deservedly earned the respect of all those who knew him and who worked with him.

Kevin Bird - The Ilford Magical Society
Knowing the provenance of both Steve and Scott, I was eager to book this lecture for The Ilford Magical Society, and without doubt this is a lecture not to be missed. It combines both an interesting and unique insight to the life of the former Magic Circle President, together with superb demonstrations and explanations of the effects from Alan's extensive repertoire.

An excellent evening and one which I would thoroughly recommend.

Kennedy UK
The Special Edition book is stunning.

Andreas Sucker, Germany
I have received the book and I love it. It is wonderfuly made and an honour to a great magician.

Roger Woods, UK
Very impressive and certainly very well presented.

John Hodgson, UK
I have received the Special Edition book. Alan's performance on the DVD was beautiful to watch.

Mike Clague, Isle of Man
Thank you so much for such a high quality publication about one of my favourite magicians.

John Derris
This book, started by Alan and completed by magicians Scott Penrose and Stephen Short is a far-reaching book that covers the landscape of his life, his early ambitions, his family, his relationship with fellow professionals notably Robert Harbin, Marvyn Roy, Norm Neilson, Al Koran and others and his performances that went around the world for over fifty years.

PLUS! Detailed descriptions of some of the outstanding original effects and routines that became his trademark – stage, cabaret, close up, children's magic wherever a magic wand is waved. Notably his masterful "Confabulation" a brilliant prediction that is performed by magicians the world over. This is a unique book that will undoubtedly become the definitive handbook for magicians who seek to bring their magic up to a performance standard. I believe that today many magicians show tricks but not many perform magic.

This is a book that will stand on the bookshelf alongside other classics of magic like The Royal Road to Card Magic, Greater Magic and Thirteen Steps to Mentalism.

A beautifully produced hard backed volume with excellent graphics and packed with photographs and drawings. If you want to be a better performer don't buy another electronic gizmo - buy this book and invest in your future.

The best investment you'll make this year!